#Pitchwars Mentee Bio


Here I am, the Mentee Hopeful! PICK ME PLEASE!

I’m Jessica Grace Kelley, fantasy author of Mercy Killers, Seductress, and my WIP The Killing Crown. Let’s talk about why I am worth your investment.


Because honestly, isn’t that what #Pitchwars is about? Who has a great story, along with the drive and talent to achieve their dreams. Who is going to give it their all, smile at failure, and say, “Let’s try again.”  The publishing industry in hard. In order to make it, you have  to be driven, relentless, and willing to take constructive criticism.

I fully compass all of those things.



This is more than a hobby for me. This is what I want to do with my life.  I want to accomplish my goals, so when my two little boys are grown I can look them in the eye and say, “Give it everything you’ve got.” I want to set an example for them, and I have a story (or twelve) to tell. I live by these words-

“Potential is a pretty term that means nothing if it’s never fulfilled.”

I want to be a part of Pitch Wars because I KNOW a mentor will help me make it to the next level, and not only improve the manuscript I submit, but also improve my writing as a whole.  I will meet every deadline. I will listen with open ears. Change is good, and red lines on a manuscript means better things will come. I want to learn! TEACH ME!

A little bit about who I am as a writer

beautiful-beauty-and-the-beast-belle-book-favim-com-4377842My brand is simple. I’m a writer of YA and NA fantasy novels. My personality is a mix of bohemian style, hippie vibes, and southern charm. I love finding beauty in darkness, and my books tend to reflect that. I believe in reaching out to readers and writers alike, and embracing what we love … BOOKS!

I’m a fairly new writer, but I learn fast. My manuscripts have won the 2015 YA Authors.Me contest, the Fools for Love contest, and placed in several other national competitions. I’m involved in the writing community, and am a proud pro member of the RWA. I have established a platform through twitter, my blog ( hey! you’re here already!) facebook, and Instagram. I also have an author’s website, jessicagracekelley.com. Feel free to check it out! In fact, I’d love it if you did.

A few random facts about me

  • 5d127ff847a61adc1ada734e4947fec9
    the pen is mightier than the sword. See the sword on the end of the quill?

    After I finished my first manuscript I had my first tattoo designed, which is, of course, author themed. (Here’s a picture>>>>>)  It turns out tattoos are addicting … you’ve been warned.

  • I will eat anything that’s chocolate. ANYTHING.
  • Wine makes chocolate better.
  • I am a total closet dork. My hubby and I fell in love in college while eating pickles and watching DragonballZ and Full Metal Alchemist.  I wanted to be Sailor Moon when I grew up, and I’m still pretty upset I can’t transform. Ariel and I are soul mates, and if you don’t like Olicity we will go to war.
  • Before I was an Author, I was a singer/ songwriter. I guess I never really stopped, because I have an entire concept album written for my first novel, and I’m working on songs to go with my new books as well.
  • I’m also an accountant. I love all nerd things!
  • I am a proud military spouse. Marrying a man in the military was something I swore I’d never do, but I’ve learned to never say never ( I was also never going to write a book, get a tattoo, or get a desk job.) I couldn’t be happier with him, he is my person, and the best father in the world. He’s also gorgeous. I married a G.I Joe.
  • I have a little boy who’s special needs, so I am a champion for diversity. His unique traits make him a joy, and he’s taught me to love the unexpected.

About my Manuscript


Attica is a Cage Mercy Killers is a dark  fantasy romance series set in a world meshing Victorian styles, Greek aristocracy and bohemian beauty.  The narrative is from revolving points of view, with one main protagonist encapsulating the majority of the tale. I’ve included a few character pictures for fun. I love this world!

jayce yaaay

And finally…

A Few of My Favorite Books

  • An Ember in the Ashes
  • The Shatter Me Series ( OMG WARNER)
  • The Winner’s Curse Series
  • The Kiss of Deception
  • These Broken Stars/ This Shattered World
  • Horde
  • Under the NeverSky series
  • Red Rising
  • the 5th Wave Series
  • The Selection Series
  • Defy Series
  • Paper Princess
  • Cruel Beauty / Crimson Bound
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses
  • I’m also going to mention the Divergent series, because it had such an impact on me. I was so upset about the last book I tossed my Kindle across the room and told my hubby ” I could write a better ending than that!”  He smiled and said “Then do it.”  I started my first short story that night, called The Guardian. It is the Mercy Killers prologue. So, thanks Veronica Roth! You inspired me to write.


That’s me in a nut shell guys. Thank you for reading! If you are a fellow mentee hopeful, reach out to me! I believe in helping one another, so if you would like an extra set of eyes to read your pages, or simply a critique partner, contact me. If you are a mentor, thank you for reading this far (wow!)  and I hope you like what you see! Pick me! If I’m not your jam, that’s okay, after all, The Publishing Industry is Subjective.